The Princess Problem

One frequently reads on the internet how horrible Disney movies are—especially Disney Princesses are supposed to be horrible examples for young girls, and their movies are said to be full of deplorable things. Here’s a list of common accusations.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves contains underage sex and necrophilia.

Actually, the movie does not contain a single sex scene. And the famous kiss was in no way sexually motivated, especially not through attraction to a (presumed) corpse.

Cinderella wanted the Prince’s attention and needed a complete makeover to attain it. But he couldn’t even recognize her by her face.

Cinderella wants to attend the ball, just like the others, and gets a new dress—and shows—to do so. The Prince and her fell in love without knowing each other’s true identities. Cinderella was searched with the means of her shoe so Charming wouldn’t have to meet every single girl in the kingdom.

Phillip kissed Aurora without her consent.

To wake her from a magical sleep—which he knew. Is mouth-to-mouth nowadays considered sexual assault?

Eric couldn’t recognise Ariel without her voice and ignored her when he thought to have found “Vanessa”.

Eric was nearly unconscious when he saw Ariel, and the light made her hair colour and face nearly unrecognisable. That didn’t keep him from taking a strange, dumb girl, who was wrapped in a towel, to his castle and had her cared for. He fell in love with her, but still felt committed to his saviour and then got enchanted.

The Beauty and the Beast is an example of bestiality and Stockholm-Syndrome.

Belle and the Beast had no sexual contact; and the Beast is, despite his physical form, a human being, with a human mind. Belle only felt in love with him after he had let her go—if anything, the movie is an example of Lima-Syndrome.

Tiana and Naveen are an interracial couple.

A correct observation—except one sees it far too often on lists of things that are supposed to be depraved or perverted aspects of Disney movies, which honestly worries me.

It’s true that one has to view media critically—but flat lies and casual racism are no foundation for that. The movies might not be flawless, but there’s nothing wrong with liking Disney Princesses!

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